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We All Float is moderated and run by saraswathi. I do not own Xenosaga; Xenosaga is owned by Monolith Soft. The characters of Maria Niwashiro, Roslin Orthas, and Azuka Kasim are property of their respective owners and should not be used without their permission. All RP logs, storylines, and journal entries for this roleplay are property of their authors. Please do NOT take any logs or stories and pass them off as your own.

I can be contacted via:
AIM: kronecodow (Send message)
OOC Livejournal: saraswathi

This is my third time as a mod in a Xenosaga-themed LJ RP. Previously, I owned The Machinery of Fate and I assisted modding Enter the Encephalon. I also owned the short-lived original sci-fi game Hanamachi. I have previously played KOS-MOS, Maria Niwashiro, Juli Mizrahi, and Gaignun Kukai. Also, I played Juli Mizrahi in Videoland MUSH.

In We All Float, I play Juli Mizrahi (schneeimjuli), Maria Niwashiro (michtamfever), Jacinta Pellegri (intuicion) and Lapis Roman (lazulia).

I have been active in the Xenosaga fandom for about two years, mainly as a fanfiction author. My alias is Ekplixi. I also run the community unusmundus.

Other points of interest include Euro pop music, piercings, and RENT. I named this community after a song, "We All Float" by the band Hooverphonic. The lyrics on the front page are from said song, and are the property of Alex Callier and Geike Arnaert. I almost named it No More Sweet Music after another one of their songs.

I hope everyone enjoys playing in We All Float. I'm working hard to make it a really great game! Please contact me if you ever have any questions. Thanks a lot!
Tags: admin, mod's intro, ooc
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