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Getting Started

Getting Started in We All Float

Welcome to weallfloat, Livejournal's Xenosaga RP group. We are a canon game set one year after the events of Episode II (therefore, we are an AU Episode III game). Now that you've been accepted into We All Float, here's what you need to know to get started.

1)Create a character journal

Please create a character journal. Get creative with the name; it doesn't have to be any reference to your character's name at all. Many of us have slews of information on our userinfos. We don't require this, but it certainly makes things easier for all players. As a general rule, please follow the format used on the userinfo for michtamfever.

Be sure to include a disclaimer and a link to weallfloat!

2) Join the communities

We All Float is made up of more than just the main community weallfloat. To fully participate in the game, please join (with your CHARACTER JOURNAL) the following communities:

weallfloat--Main RP community
weallgotohell--OOC community
weallcoordinate--Federation News Network
umnnetwork--IC Correspondence

On using the communities:

Each community used in the game has a special purpose. weallfloat is for posting RP logs and carrying out thread-based scenes. It's the central community and you should be sure to join it.

weallgotohell is the OOC community, and is our place to post silly things we've thought of or to just socialize.

weallcoordinate is the News Network. Some of our players also work as community reporters, and will write up news articles based on what's happened in-game. It's another fun dimension to add to the game--and sometimes the articles get characters in trouble.

umnnetwork is the UMN. Use this as a way to leave notes or other correspondence for other characters. Whether it's an email or a note left on the kitchen table, if your character needs to let another know something fast, use this community.

3) Read the story summary

We All Float has been going on for awhile, so you may not recognize some of the old characters from the original Xenosaga games. In addition, the game includes several original characters that you should take the time to get to know. Please read the story summary to find out what's happened so far.

4) Meet the players!

If you don't have AIM, please download it. It's free at The cast of We All Float meets every night in the AIM chatroom "Coordination69" to discuss plots, coordinate scenes, and just have fun. We All Float's main point of pride is a tight-knit group of friendly players who have fun and do some awesome RPing. We always love meeting new players, so don't be shy!

If you have any questions, either IM the mod or one of the veteran players. The four people who would probably best be able to answer your questions are Rally (kronecodow), Bobbi (puchikoxnyu), Psyche (rarealkaloid), and Joh (Love A Riddle).
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