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Both OCs and untaken FCs are encouraged! Character creation is simple: First, send an email to with the application for your character. If you're approved, you'll hear back very soon, most likely within the same day.

Who is in charge here?
saraswathi brought We All Float into this world! This is my third Xenosaga game modded and somewhere around seventh played in. I'm very familiar with the fandom and roleplaying in it, so I'm working hard to make We All Float a really fun game. Please don't hesitate to approach me about anything! I can be contacted via AIM (kronecodow) or email (

Style of Play:
Journal entries in the character journals are as per normal. Actual role-playing takes place in the community itself or via AIM (with logs posted to the community once the scene is over). If a thread gets too unwieldy with comments, or there's a significant change of venue, feel free to break it off into a new post.

I'm not an activity hound. I understand that real life can be a bitch, so there's no set time for activity. However, in the event that you join and never post, or post just once, expect to see yourself removed and your character up to be taken again.

Expected Conduct:
No hazing. We're all friends here. Be nice in your OOC commentary, even if your character's a bastard ICly.
No spamming, flaming, being generally obnoxious, etc. See above.
While tasteful (i.e., not gratuitous) sexual content and violence are allowed, please cut-tag any questionable material and label it as such. Swearing is a-ok, just be tasteful about that, too.
And for the sake of our poor little friends' lists, please please PLEASE cut-tag posts if they get really, really long.

Previously played/NPCed canon characters
Several canon characters have already been NPCed or had elements of their characters established. Please discuss with the mod if you're interested in playing one of these characters:
Lapis Roman

Nephilim is not an appable character. The character of Nephilim will be mod-controlled and used primarily for character and story development. Talk to me about doing a scene including Nephilim.

Mary Sues and Gary Stus
I will not discount a character because of his or her connections to a canon character. Nor will I for a tragic past, a deep dark secret, or something along those lines. However, I ask that any OC you create be flawed and realistic. For example, if you have a damn good reason to play a surviving URTV unit, and s/he isn't a perfect, beautiful, loved-by-all character, go for it!

In the event that you are applying for an OC, please send me a detailed application and INCLUDE YOUR AIM NAME. I'll probably want to discuss the OC with you before you jump into the game.

If you'd like to play an OC, but you're not feeling creative, there are several OCs that have been previously NPCed by players in the game. Check out the links to find out more about NPCs that are appable.

Satsuki Gazel
Liesl Heilemann

PLEASE, NO OC's who are chaos-like beings or who are omnipotent. For purposes of this game, there is no one else like chaos or Nephilim.

We All Float is played in third-person, past tense. We ask that you post everything in your characters' personal journals as if they really were so-and-so's livejournal, but in scenes, please post in prose format (ie no use of asterisks or colons to separate actions and speech; write as if you were just writing a story). Place OOC commentary in double parentheses. And if you say anything funny, post it in weallgotohell! ;)

Several characters in We All Float speak languages other than Galactic Standard (English). If your character does, please use the foreign language sparingly. And don't forget to offer a translation for those of us who don't know what you've just said. If you feel the need to write an entire post in another language, please include a translation OOCly.

Keep in mind the languages your character knows, and keep OOC knowledge separate. If your character can't understand, don't make any indication that they knew what was being said.

The admin of weallfloat, saraswathi, reserves the right to change, append, add or remove rules at any time.
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