Albedo Piasora (variant_667) wrote in weallfloat,
Albedo Piasora

Who: Junior, Albedo
When: Sometime after Junior and Ziggy talk.
What: Junior looks for Gaignun, but ends up finding Albedo.

Junior looked out the window of Gaignan's office. It was quite the view. One could survey the whole downtown area from it, especially at night. But all he could really think about at that moment was where the hell Gaignan could be. It had been so long, and Junior still didn't know why he'd left in the first place. If it had been a joke, it should have ended long ago.

He looked up at the 'sky,' not sure what to do. He didn't plan to call out this time, but just for the hell of it, he closed his eyes and once again sent out an impulse of his consciousness. He was searching for a blip of emotion, a passing thought, ANYTHING that could alert him of Gaignan's presence.

The days had begun to grow quite idle over time. Sitting back and waiting for something to come along wasn't something Albedo particularly enjoyed doing; patience was a virtue he didn't possess, unfortunately. An article, of sorts, he had seen a while back came to mind. And, with nothing else to do, the white-haired variant set out to look more into the matter.

A sudden, yet somewhat familiar, sensation in the back of his mind caused him to start. For a long moment, he remained completely quiet as he contemplated whether or not to respond to the familiar presence. Finally, he gave in. (Are you looking for something?)

Junior gasped at the voice, heart leaping for joy until he suddenly recognized the voice on the other side. For a full minute, Junior was stock still, contimplating just ignoring him, thinking maybe if he didn't respond, his twin would drop the matter and leave him alone. Instead, he surprised himself. (Yes, actually...) he glared, almost able to picture the man he was talking to. Am I really so desperate? (I'm looking... for Gaignan)

In all honestly, Albedo hadn't expected his brother to answer; what with the silence that followed his question. So, when he heard Junior's voice again, he raised an eyebrow in slight surprise-- even though Junior couldn't see the gesture. (Is that so?) That caught his interest. (Tsk, tsk... Has little Nigredo gotten himself into trouble, Rubedo?)

Junior nodded, though it did nothing here. (I don't know... He went crazy or something. He went and released the emulators then... ran away.) He looked down at his feet. (I've tried to contact him since, but he hasn't come back...)

I said beware, didn't I? The white-haired variant sighed. (Then, perhaps he doesn't want to be found.) It was a simple statement, really. A statement that lacked any mocking undertones, as well. (It's as simple as that.)

Saying this shocked Junior was an understatement. (But... What if he's hurt?! What if something's really wrong?) What if something happened? (What if he needs help?) I don't want to leave another brother behind (I don't know what to do, Albedo, I really don't! I...) Right then, he really didn't feel like the oldest brother.

Albedo closed his eyes, falling silent for a moment. The questions were hitting a little too close for comfort, and for a few seconds he seriously considered ignoring his red-haired twin. However, the last statement, as well as the desperation he felt, kept him from doing so. (I doubt he'd be hiding away if he was hurt.) He probably sounded bitter. (Just leave him be. Sometimes people don't want to be found. This isn't rocket science, even you should be able to comprehend that.) Is Nigredo still more important to you?

Junior blinked, not sure if he heard him right. It was vague, but he could have sworn he heard.... Was it a stray thought? He usually wasn't powerful enough to hear those. (Did you just say Nigredo was... more important?) He frowned still not sure he heard right. Now he was starting to get angry. (What the hell are you....)

Albedo winched, or more appropriately, cringed. Perhaps he was a bit out of practice when it came to conversing via the metal link. He'd have to work on that. (It was... nothing. Temporary insanity, if you will.) He clutched the controls of the Simeon tightly. (Why? Were you going to agree with me?) He let out a dry laugh. (You better be careful, Rubedo. There's no telling what will happen if we start agreeing on things.)

A small smile cracked. (Us? Agree on something? The day that happens, Gaignan will laugh... uproariously.) But for some reason, Junior felt a sinking feeling in his chest, a saddness that hit him too quickly to be dismissed. He wasn't sure what to say but he had heard an emotion in Albedo's voice he hadn't heard in over fourteen years. (I cried when you died...) he caught himself mumbling before he realized it. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

The white-haired variant became completely still, though his grip on the controls didn't loosen at all. (I... remember.) Somewhat, at least. (You surprised me... I never thought I'd see you cry about anything. You were always the brave one.) Albedo shifted uneasily. He didn't enjoy talking about the past very much-- especially when Junior was present, in a sense. (But, enough of that nonsense already. I'd rather not waste my time thinking about the past.)

Junior certainly didn't feel any more comfortable, but man, if there was anything to be thankful for, it was for that bastard changing the goddamn subject. He went back to his annyed voice.(Well, I'm getting sick of paperwork. And I don't suppose I could convince YOU to help me look for him.) He crossed his arms. (I guess I'll try it your way for once... and just wait it out... don't get used to it.)

Albedo relaxed again, glad that that little spell had passed without much incident. He released the Simeon's controls and rubbed his knuckles to ease the aches that had begun settling in them. (Why Rubedo, don't you have any faith in me at all? I would just love to help you.) He paused long enough to laugh. (Of course, you really caught me at a bad time. Had you asked earlier, perhaps I might've agreed to help you look for him. Right now, I'm... off to see someone else.) Another pause, as he tried to decide whether or not to leave it at that. (Make sure you're careful. Remember some of thing things I've said.)

Junior growled. Dammit... he's being cryptic again... (Yeah, sure you would have. You're just a big ball of charity...) Sarcasm was his favorite weapon. (Seeing someone? It better not be...) He paused. He didn't want to say it or give him any ideas. (You damn bastard...You're up to no good, aren't you? Playing sick games with people again or are you following someone's orders?) He vaguely registered his comment about listening to him. The guy couldn't be trusted and always spoke in riddles. There was just no damn point.

Now this was the type of conversation he was used to having. (I think our definition of the word 'good' differs, so I honestly don't believe I can answer that.) Albedo paused, running his tongue over his lips. (I can tell you this, however: what I'm doing now is of my own free will. I'm actually looking forward to the results. They should be... interesting.) He smiled, and his tone most likely took on a teasing tone. (If I happen to see our dear little brother, I'll be sure to pass on the message that you're looking for him.)

Junior wasn't sure whether to thank him or tell him to fuck off. The second option seemed much more appealing at the moment. (Yeah? How about you do me a real favor and actually tell me what you're actually doing without being a damn scholor about it for once.) He almost wished they were face to face. Though the sight of his brother's face made him sick at times, he would have loved to get a shot right into that smirking face. He had better not be going after MOMO, or so help me...

Albedo grinned, his eyes narrowing into a look of devious delight. (Well, if you really want to know... There are some very interesting matters I'd like to look into, so I'm off to Second Miltia to do a little... research, if you will. Was that simple enough for you to understand, or much I simplify it even more?) The variant laughed. (Although, I must admit I'm a bit curious now... Did you ever deliever that little message?)

(Pffft! Of course not!) He shook his head. (Why the hell would I do that? Think she wants a message from a psycho? After what you did to her? Not happening.)

(Tch, how disappointing...) Albedo sighed and shook his head slowly. (Ah, well, nothing I can do about that. Regardless, best of luck with your search for Nigredo. I'm sure you'll find him sooner or later.) Though, when the time comes, you may not like it. (It was nice getting to have this little chat with you, but I'm afraid I need to tend to those matters I spoke of.)

(Uh huh... nothing like these heart-warming family moments) he muttered loudly. (I'll find you again, jerk. And next time, it'll be different. Your hide's mine...) He hoped he sounded threatening and acidic.

(Of course.) He had grown used to his twin's threats by now. They didn't phase him much anymore. Not that he thought Junior wouldn't make good on his word, if given the chance. (If that's the case, then I'll be looking forward to that meeting. Just do me a favor, Rubedo: don't disappoint me.)

(Hmph...) was all he said as he turned to exit Gaignan's office and muttered the most obscene word he knew to his 'dear brother.' He also made a mental note to search through all news regarding Second Miltia to see what might have peeked his interest. I already can't wait.

His brother taken care of for the time being, Albedo looked ahead as he returned his full attention to piloting his craft. "Now that that's done... it's off to Second Miltia we go!" he said to himself, sounding far too joyful considering the conversation he had just had.
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