aeryn miller md (in 7 years) (qadesh) wrote in weallfloat,
aeryn miller md (in 7 years)


weallfloat is closed as of this posting.

We will be restarting the game and moving to a new community. Expect many changes and improvements.

I am asking for any help whatsoever in making the move to a new community and starting a new RP. Those of you who have played in We All Float do NOT need to submit applications for this new game. However, those of you with original characters who are making changes in said characters do need to discuss them with me.

Once I come up with a name for the new community, it will be registered and we will set it up. Expect more information until that time, both in this community and in "coordination" chats.

Any questions, ask me via AIM or give me a call on my cell phone.
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